Protect your online identity in 15 minutes.

by qkr

It is instrumental that you keep your identity safe online. Our core mission is to protect user's data from being misused by companies and nefarious individuals. Follow these simple steps and you can increase your level of privacy and safety:

  1. Never provide your real email address to a site which looks suspicious or you don't find trustworthy. Use a temporary email address from providers such as Mailinator.
  2. Never input Personally identifiable information (PII) to a site which does not use HTTPS.
  3. Block third-party cookies in your browser - read this article on how to disable them.
  4. Install an anonymous communication service such as TOR. For extra protection you can use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) on top of this.
  5. Use passphrases instead of passwords. These are 16+ character phrases that are easy for you to remember but incredibly difficult to brute force against. Make sure to never use the same password on different sites.
  6. Either remove your social media presence or make it extremely private so only your close friends and family can access it. Changing your last name to something else (even use your middle name instead) will make it more difficult for people to find your profile.
  7. Watch out for phishing emails, never open links you're unsure of.
  8. Use Virus Total to scan any files where you dont know their origin. Virus Total uses 30+ Anti-Virus scanners and lets you know if malicious files were discovered.
  9. Always use 2 Factor Authentication where supported.
  10. And of course, never reveal your true phone number to websites, always visit quackr and use a free temporary phone number!
Protect your identity online

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